How it started..

Beginning so simply over a glass of whiskey in Edinburgh with traditional artisan paper maker Chrissie Heughan, the Tartan Fleck project grew into an international collaboration. Combining artists, communities and exploring our cultural heritage.

Project Manager Frith Crossley, has always held a strong interest in ancestry, the arts, history and cultural heritage and saw the Tartan Fleck as an opportunity to combine all four. Taking her cross-continental friendship with Chrissie and turning it into a project that was to become more than just an art exhibition. 

What is the Tartan Fleck?

The Tartan Fleck started as a visual celebration of the contributions of Scottish migrants to the rural South West Capes of Western Australia. Capturing the tales of Scottish Western Australian’s who have helped to shape the life of this area from its colonial roots to the present day.


How did we do it?

Armed with the knowledge that paper can be made from ANYTHING, Frith approached a series of Margaret River wineries to see if they would be interested in donating their old canes. First board was Cape Mentelle, who donated cane from the oldest vines on their vineyard. It wasn’t long before 11 other South West wineries jumped on board.

Meet the Tartan Fleck Vineyards here.

It was then the hard work began. Turning vines into paper proved more difficult and time consuming than anyone could imagine. Enlisting the help of family and friends, Frith persevered:

  • Cutting
  • Soaking
  • Beating
  • Cooking
  • Re-soaking
  • Drying
  • and exporting them to Scotland
See how we made the paper here

It was then time to pitch the idea to local artists, luckily Caroline Juniper was already on board and helped pave the way.

Meet all the Tartan Fleck artists here


Community involvement.

With the art side of the project well on the way, Frith geared up her anthropological skills and started exploring the human Scottish history of the region. As conversations grew so did local interest with more and more people and places raising their hands to join the Tartan Fleck Project. The exhibition expanded to include:

  • Artists talks
  • Workshops
  • Cultural Talks
  • Kilt call outs
  • Newspaper interview
  • A Burn’s Supper Night *Margaret River Style


Suddenly this one man band needed a team.

Meet the TF Team

The Tartan Fleck – November 2017

After 24 months of hard slog we will be pleased to present on the eve of Beltane – The Tartan Fleck.

An art exhibition that is more than just art.

With a focus on the South West Capes, an area with an enviable reputation for:

The Tartan Fleck brings together the talents of Scottish artist Chrissie Heughan, with 12 local wineries to produce paper from grapevine cane. Providing a unique canvas for 12 talented regional artists, who through their works trace the ‘tartan influence’ of the South West Capes’ from past and present.

The Tartan Fleck Art Exhibition

Will run from Friday November 3rd 2017 until Thursday November 23rd

At the Margaret River Cultural Center Foyer Galley. 

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