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Twelve local artists and a traditional artisan paper maker (Scottish Chrissie Heughan) are the creatives behind the Tartan Fleck art exhibition. Artists have been paired with a local winery (See Vineyards!) and a clan tartan from one of the Scottish families (past and present) residing within the South-west capes.

Cane sourced from the 12 participating vineyards has been combined with flecks of tartan, creating a unique paper, upon which each artist will leave their mark.


Alana Chesterfield-Evans Tartan Fleck Artist

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Alana is a member of the Quindalup Artists group. Alana has a strong connection with the ocean and wetlands of the South West. Anita’s paintings celebrate the colours of the beaches and oceans and the rich characters that feature in this environment. Alana’s winery is Cape Mentelle and her tartan is Glasgow District Modern



Anita Haywood Tartan Fleck Artist


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Anita is influenced by the human figure. Anita’s artwork uses a variety of media including pastel, watercolour, acrylic, oil and often a sewing machine. Anita’s vineyard is Leeuwin Estate & her tartan is MacLeod of Lewis Modern


Anita Revel Tartan Fleck Artist

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Anita Revel, has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. Her motto: ‘I create beauty in order to be surrounded by beauty’. Anita is often found in her studio, playing with paint and teasing out ideas. Anita’s winery is Howard Park and her tartan is Napier Modern.


Caroline Juniper Tartan Fleck Artist

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Local Caroline Juniper currently teaches Visual Art at Margaret River Senior High School. Caroline’s her favourite technique is screen printing. Caroline has produced many original prints and commissions. Caroline’s winery is Hay Shed Hill and her tartan is MacDonald Lord of the Isles Green.


Cate Edwards Tartan Fleck Artist

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Cate has a Bachelor of Arts from Sydney’s City Art Institute. Cate has been working as an artist, illustrator and teacher since graduation. Cate mostly uses water colour and ink on paper and acrylic on canvas. Cate’s winery is McHenry Hohnan and her tartan is Mackinnen Ancient Red.


Dee Credaro Tartan Fleck Artist

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Dee Credaro has a creative career that includes dance, martial arts, literature and visual arts. Dee likes to reflect her rural and coastal upbringing in vivid colour and eclectic media. Dee’s work has been received in exhibitions all over the state. Dee’s winery is Redgate and her tartan is Scott Modern Green.


Liz Johnston Tartan Fleck Artist

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Liz Johnston is trained in graphic design. Liz specialises in logo design, web design and photography. Liz’s winery is Stella Bella and her tartan is her family tartan Johnston Modern.


Georgia Podvrsnik Tartan Fleck Artist

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Georgia Podvrsnik, is a year 12 student at Margaret River Senior High School. Georgia is currently studying Certificate 3 in Visual and Contemporary Craft. Georgia’s winery is Watershed and her tartan is Maclean of Duart Ancient.


Kay Gibson Tartan Fleck Artist

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Kay Gibson is a painter and print maker. Kay is an arts educator teaching painting and printmaking at the Margaret River Education Campus. Kay’s winery Voyager Estate and her tartan is Ayrshire Ancient.


Mandy Ferreria Tartan Fleck Artist

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Mandy studied fine art in the 1980″s at Stellenbosch University. Mandy is primarily an outdoor mixed media painter. Mandy’s winery is Windows Estate and her tartan is Galloway District Modern.


Molly Coy Tartan Fleck Artist

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Molly Coy is an artist, book binder & tutor. Molly’s latest works are colourful, layered and textured. Molly’s winery is Vasse Felix and her tartan is her family tartan MacNeill of Barra Modern.


Jenny Sanderson Tartan Fleck Artist

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Jenny Sanderson is fascinated by vines and vineyards. When amongst the vineyards, the line-work inspires Jenny to apply her drafting skills, creating a style with a 3D impression. Jenny’s winery is Juniper Estate and her tartan is her husbands family tartan Murray of Atholl Modern.


Chrissie Heughan International Artisan Paper Maker & Tartan Fleck contributor

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Scottish artists Chrissie Heughan, works predominately with hand cast paper. Chrissie is a professional artist and freelance tutor. Chrissie has received several awards for her work and professional development. Chrissie’s tartan is the Flower of Scotland and she is sponsored by the House of Edgar Scotland.